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  • Canon EOS-1D Mark III- The Next Step

    Posted on July 24th, 2008 Elliot

    Canon EOS 1D Mark III

    If you are a professional photographer, you require a camera that is not only dependable but also delivers excellent image reproduction. I feel that the Canon EOS-1D Mark III will bring your search to an end. Being one of the fastest cameras with up to 10 fps continuous shooting speed, it does not miss out on any incredible moment. It has versatile features to reproduce the exact image that you have in your mind.

    The display has a Live View option that gives you the convenience of composing and shooting directly from the screen. Enclosed in a magnesium alloy shell, it can withstand any rough weather condition. The EOS-1D Mark III gives the luxury to shoot subjects from a distance with ease, as it is compatible with 50 EF lenses. Dust in the sensor cannot affect the quality of images, as the camera has a dedicated unit for cleaning.

    The EOS-1D Mark III will give you a well-rounded performance with a friendly interface, astonishing high ISO performance, and a host of new features, and a stack of custom functions. According to Tsunemasa Ohara, Senior General Manager, Camera Development Center, Canon Inc, “The EOS-1D Mark III represents a complete reappraisal of everything Canon has learned over the past 20 years of EOS development. In building this camera, we started with a blank canvas. Every facet of the photographic process has been refined, every design decision re-evaluated to bring us to this point: a camera that combines familiar EOS ergonomics with a vastly enhanced specification. Our engineers are overjoyed with the result.”

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