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  • 42nd Street Photo Feels the Winter Spirit

    Posted on January 9th, 2009 Staff Writer

    Here at, we love Winter. It may be cold, but New York City is beautiful this time of year, and for any photography enthusiant, that means photo-opportunities. While taking pictures of the big city during the Winter time isn’t so different from snaping images in the Summer, there are a few things that amateur and professional photographers alike may want to take advantage of while around this season. That’s right, we’re talking about snow – but more specifically, snowflakes.

    In 1898, Wilson Bentley stated the theory that “no two snowflakes are alike”. Bentley has snapped pictures of over five-thousand flakes in his time, and we’re going to let you in on the secrets for doing so with your point-and-shoot digital camera.

    1. Shoot from multiple angles, from as close to the flake as you can possibly get. Usually, this will be around around two inches away, and if you hold the camera steady, you can get a good couple of shots.
    2. Large, soft flakes are easiest to capture, while small and bright crystals may reflect too much light, and you can lose the details within. The best conditions for these flakes is a bitter cold day with a lot of moisture in the air.
    3. Photograph the snowflake on a surface to which the flake will stick, and not melt quickly. Snapping a flake on skin will prove much more difficult than capturing it on branches and clothing. It also helps to catch the flakes on a darker background.
    4. Calm days are ideal, since wind can carry your subject away before you get your award-winning shot. Cold and calm is key.