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  • Sony DSC W300 is Sure to Please the Casual Photographer

    Posted on March 16th, 2009 Staff Writer

    The Sony Cybershot DSC W300 is everything you would expect from a digital camera with the Sony name on it. It is stylish, durable, reliable, and with a massive 13.6 megapixel resolution, it captures every detail stunningly. For a point and shoot camera, it does just that quite well. While many point and shoot cameras leave little room to adjust settings, the Cybershot DSC W300 offers more options than most, and yet is one of the rare breeds that doesn’t need to, because the automatic features packed into this semi-compact digital camera are smart and effective.

    While higher resolution images do not always mean higher quality captues, this Cybershot captures where it counts. The extra features, high resolution, and 3x optical zoom may make this relatively inexpensive gadget worth the investment for some, but for others, it may fall just short of exceptional.

    One of the main drawbacks of the DSC W300 is its internal memory – or lack thereof. With only 15mb of storage, this is definitely a digital camera for the casual photographer. This isn’t a large drawback, as 2gb and 4gb memory cards are relatively cheap these days, but for a semi-compact, it could be better.

    Another drawback for some might be its size. Most people invest in a compact camera for the convenience of carrying it in their pocket or purse, but this Sony Cybershot is a little thicker than most would probably prefer. The finish is gorgeous, with a charcoal grey titanium body, but if price is not an issue for you, and 10 megapixels is as high as you need to go (give or take), something from the the Canon Powershot line might be the better bet.

  • The Olympus E-420 Continues the Trend

    Posted on March 10th, 2009 Staff Writer

    While the Olympus E-420 is only a few steps beyond its predecessor, the E-410, the new features are worth the upgrade. It continues to be the lightest DSLR’s on the market, which includes the addition of any accessories made specifically for it.

    To begin with, the E-420, like the E-410, has 10 MP resolution, live-view, and SSWF dust reduction system. As previously stated, it also continues the trend of being the smallest DSLR in it’s class.

    However, there is an impressive list of features not found with the E-420:

    • 2.7″ LCD Display
    • Face Detection
    • Perfect Shot Preview
    • Wireless Control  Flash
    • Dynamic Range Enhancement (Auto Gradation)
    • 3.5 fps Continuous Shooting
    • Contrast Detection for Auto-Focus

    So, as you can see, the E-420 does not disappoint. For more information on the complete line of digital cameras available from 42nd Street Photo, please visit our website.