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  • 42nd Street Photo Recommends the Nikon D5000

    Posted on May 28th, 2009 Staff Writer

    When it comes to competing in the world of digital photography, Nikon has always held it’s own, but with the D5000 Nikon is surpassing expectations. The D5000 has been referred to as “the poor man’s D90 (made by Canon)”, but such a brief description, while accurate, doesn’t do much justice to the value of this diamond in the rough.

    Unorthodox is the keyword here, from the model number to the appearance of the D5000, but this is likely what amateur and financially sound professionals alike are looking for in a digital SLR camera.

    While it lacks the heft and solidity of many of it’s competitors’ digital cameras, the folks here and 42nd Street Photo have enjoyed the more compact size, lighter weight and ease of use. It doesn’t feel expensive, because it’s not (compared to the Canon D90), but this doesn’t mean the D5000 doesn’t take great pictures.

    First off, the display is as unorthodox as the rest of the camera – but this just places the D5000 in a class all it’s own. This camera is one of the few which boasts a fully articulate preview display screen, which means the user doesn’t have to take pictures only from behind the lens, but from the top, bottom, and sides as well. This could prove very handy for those tough “over-the-crowd” shots, or for getting low-to-the-ground image captures. As if the sharp display, vivid colors and unmatched brightness weren’t enough, Nikon has added it’s GUI to the 2.7″, multi-angle display. This makes the extra 0.3″ of the Canon D90 seem almost pointless, at the sacrifice of these other features.

    Compared to the Canon D90 (as it seems appropriate since these two models share so much in common), the Nikon D5000 takes strikingly similar pictures. The main difference we’ve noticed between the two is the saturation. While the D90 takes more vivid image captures, the D5000 captures the same amount of detail and clarity, which is most important. Since most photographers perform some manner of post-capture editing, a quick color correction is all it takes to bring the captures from the D5000 to perfection.

    All in all, the D5000 isn’t the best of the best, but at it’s low price tag, it’s the best money can buy. Generally speaking, what you pay for is what you get with a digital camera, but the D5000 throws in just a little extra where it really counts.

  • Grab The Canon EOS Rebel T1i With 18-55mm IS Lens At 42nd Street Photo

    Posted on May 21st, 2009 Staff Writer

    While 42nd Street Photo is not biased towards one brand of digital camera or the other, we do realize that all cameras are not created equal. Having said that, might we suggest the Canon EOS Rebel T1i with 18-55mm Lens for the consideration of your digital camera needs? The Rebel is perhaps the best all around camera on the market today, with the quality you would expect from Canon, and a price that is unmatched for all that is packed into this Canon model.

    Not only does the Canon EOS Rebel T1i offer a myriad of fun, as well as essential, features – it also is compatible with a wealth of accessories, from lenses to add-ons, to just about anything you would want to use with a digital camera in your image-capturing endeavors. So go on, grab yourself a Rebel from 42nd Street Photo and start snapping masterpieces!

    • This compact DSLR is managable, light weight and very portable
    • 15.1 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor for quality, high-resolution image captures
    • Full HD 1080p video recording
    • 3″ Clear View LCD screen for vivid preview
    • Distinctive EOS quality
    • Great Price!

    For more information about the Canon EOS Rebel T1i, please check out 42nd Street Photo on the web at

  • Tips From 42nd Street Photo On Capturing Those Wedding Memories

    Posted on May 11th, 2009 Staff Writer

    It’s wedding season, that’s for sure. Most of us have likely been to a few weddings already, which means there are probably more to come in May, June, maybe even July and August! It seems everyone carries cameras with them today, especially to special events like weddings, and other celebrations, but most couples would prefer to hire a professional to ensure their wedding snapshots will preserve those memories the way they remember them. It definitely helps to work with your wedding photographer, but many times it can become a chore to pose for pictures. Here are some simple tips from your friendly neighborhood New York digital camera store to make the process go easy and the result beautiful.

    1. Hire a Professional – there are a lot of people that like to call themselves photographers, and chances are that one of your friends fall in to this category. Whether or not they have the skill and the experience to be entrusted with the memories of that once-in-a-lifetime celebration is ultimately up to your best judgement, but if someone really knows how to use a camera and capture quality snapshots, they will certainly have a portfolio that you can look at. Additionally, knowing your in good hands will relieve a lot of your own stress about the day, and while having a friend handle the task in order to save a little money might seem like a good idea, why not let your friend enjoy the day with the rest of the guests, instead of being trapped behind the lens for a day?
    2. Be Yourself – it’s easy to get a little controlling throughout the day at your wedding. What you might not have considered is the affect this will have on your pictures. Sweat, redness in the face, fatigue – these things are all physical symptoms of stress, and there is only so much post-capture editing any digital photographer can do, so why not relax and see your better side appear in that wedding photo album. Many people would recommend a professional wedding planner, if you can afford it, but it may be just as well to entrust the task to a loved one, as long as you don’t have to worry about them enjoying themself while the planned events take place. Stress is no ones friend, and although your wedding should be the perfect day, we all know that this is not always the case, so letting a few things slide may be the difference between a stress-free or a stress-filled day.
    3. Take It Slow – a wedding should be planned with plenty of cushions around events to leave ample time for conversation, interaction, transportation, and photos. One wedding-specific event that comes to mind where people may rush is walking down the isle after the vows are confirmed, the bride and groom say “I Do,” and the kiss seals the deal. When walking down the isle as “Mr. amd Mrs.” for the first time, this is a great opportunity for some truly magical photos. Walk slowly, look at eachother, smile at your friends and family, and soak it all in. You only get to do this once, so make it last, and ensure some better images by which to remember the moment at the same time.
    4. Plan with Photographs in Mind – while you may have your hands free planning which flowers the bride’s maids should hold, what playlist to dance to, etc., planning your wedding with photography in mind should be just as important. Consider the time of day or night the ceromony and reception take place. Would it be better to take pictures of your party in a softer morning light or a bright afternoon sun? How about some moonlit shots of the bride and groom by the lake? The fact is, lighting has everything to do with photography, so while leaving some cushions between events can you get some extra shots, planning when photographs should be taken will only ensure the quality that much more.

    All things considered, if you have a photographer that knows what he or she is doing, the worry on your end should be minimal. However, don’t forget that they are working for you, so try to take care of all the details beforehand so that they can concentrate on taking good pictures, and you can concentrate on having the best day of your life.

  • 42nd Street Photo Recommends the Canon Powershot G10

    Posted on May 5th, 2009 Staff Writer

    For photographers of all shapes, sizes, styles and experience, Canon knows how to cover their bases. With quality digital cameras in the DSLR and POS arenas, Canon has something for everyone. But they also have one camera that may suit anyone just right, the Canon Powershot G10.

    With it’s first glance wide range of features, generous display, and 14.7 megapixels, it’s hard not to take a closer look. Once you do, you’ll probably find what many other photographers, from the amateur to the professional, have found. The Canon G10 is the kind of digital device that gladly meets, and proudly surpasses expectations, especially for the price.

    While not the cheapest digital camera on the market, the G-10’s modest price tag is the clincher for many. Still, for others, it’s the 28mm wide angle lens, 5x optical zoom, DIGIC 4 Image Processor, or perhaps it’s compatibility with a wealth of accessories that can spark that creative edge. Whatever your bread and butter, the Canon G10 has something, if not everything, you would want in a compact point-and-shoot digital camera.

    42nd Street Photo offers plenty of other POS digital cameras, so if the G10, though unlikely, doesn’t fit your needs, come on in and we’ll help you find one that will, at a price that’s right for you!