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  • Learning The Features Of Your Digital Camera

    Posted on July 6th, 2009 Staff Writer

    Many of us in our lifetime will hear someone say that learning through experience is the best way. At 42nd Street Photo, we’re inclined to agree with this way of looking at life, but when it comes to using devices, such as a digital single lens reflex camera, for example, a combination of formal and acquired information seems to work best. The thinking here is that being able to experience things helps one retain the information gathered while the formal training gives the person more direction. When it comes to learning the features on your digital camera, too much information can be good or bad depending on how you personally prefer to learn, but some strong advice and valuable tips can really help.

    For beginners, the manual to your digital camera is a good start. While in store, asking a knowledgable member of staff can help you find the one that is right for you, but once you’re home, it’s up to you to learn how your camera works, but more importantly, how you work with your camera. The bond between a person and their equipment is one that only that person can understand, and therefore it is up to you to learn, whether by the direction of others or on your own accord. So, as per our previous recommendation to learn partly by others’ advice and partly by your own experience, checking out the manual will never hurt the process.

    For those that have some experience in the world of photography, understanding the terms will give you the jump-start on understanding the manual, since at that point, all you’ll need it for it to know where these features can be manipulated. The on-screen menu section in the manual is important to understand how to set the features as you need in the middle of action, in order to get the shots you desire. While point-and-shoot cameras are a good deal and take quality pictures, we recommend DSLR cameras for those who count on that instant snap action for capturing those shots that you don’t want to miss.

    For experienced photographers, the features of your camera may come naturally simply based on experience with other cameras. Still, it might prove useful to experiment with the camera just as well as beginners and amateurs alike. However, for those that have retained a good amount of knowledge throughout their years of photography, a simple read-up on the newest model you’ve purchased can shed all the light you need on the new features, and how they differ from previous models.

    In the end, experience is a combination of former knowledge, current conditions and general direction, whether interior or exterior. It is up to each individual to decide how each of these things get us where we want to go when it comes to using our digital cameras.