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  • 42nd Street Photo recommends the Sony HDR-XR500V digital camcorder

    Posted on August 10th, 2009 Staff Writer

    Sony HDR-XR500vWhether you are an advanced amateur,  just starting out, or somewhere in between , the Sony HDR-XR500V is the perfect camera for you.  It weighs only 1.4 lbs with the battery and is small enough to fit just about anywhere. Many of the features on this camcorder are seen only in high end models, including a dial on the front that can be customized to be whatever you want it to be, manual focusing, white balance, etc.

    This camcorder is also just fun. It includes smile technology. If the subject of your video smiles, it will automatically take a still image of the subject. And you don’t lose video or photo quality while it does this. The Sony HDR-XR500V shoots stills at  8.3 mp while shooting video. With the automatic settings,  you can switch from sunset to fireworks to snow easily and without losing quality.

    The 120 gb hard drive can shoot nearly 50 hours of video in high definition mode. And, you can add a 16 gb Sony memory stick to give it another 6 hours.

    42nd Street Photo is offering the Sony HDR-XR500V for under $1000, pick one up today.