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  • 42nd Street Photo’s Photographing Sunrise and Sunset Tips

    Posted on December 26th, 2009 Staff Writer

    If you travel a lot during the holidays if might have the chance to see a beautiful sunrise or sunset in the location you are at. Here are a few things you might consider if you want to photograph these moments.

    If you do decide to have a go at taking a sunrise / sunset picture, then winter is probably the best time to start. Why? Because the nights are long and the days are short, which basically means, you don’t have to set off at a too late/early of an hour.

    – Do a web search to find the time of the sunrise or sunset.

    – Shoot at a variety of focal lengths

    – Set the ISO to 100 for the cleanest (little digital noise) possible photograph.

    – Frame the scene so that the horizon line is not in the center of the frame. Placing the horizon line near the top or bottom of the frame is more pleasing.

    – Remove any filters on the lens so as not to get a ghost image of the sun in the photograph.

    – Keep Shooting, a sunset or sunrise constantly changes over time and can produce great colors.

    – Include a silhouette, add some depth and perspective to your photos.

    – Carry a notebook and log any great locations you find.

    These are just a few tips and we hope they help you when shooting sunrises and sunsets.