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  • 42nd Street Photo’s Photography Portfolio Tips

    Posted on April 7th, 2010 Staff Writer

    1. Show only your best work

    Only the best shots should be in your portfolio. Try to keep to short and sweet. The more photographs an employer or client has to look through the less the impact is from the previous ones. Include anywhere from 15-20 photographs or a very good balance between quality and quantity. A slim selection can leave the client asking questions where too many photographs can be overbearing. As your career grows and you learn more you will want to change out your work for things you have done more recent.

    2. Get an outside opinion

    Talk with someone who is an expert in this field and that you trust and get there honest opinion. You may get a better insight to what potential clients are looking for.

    3. Diversify your Portfolio

    Each photo should show the aspect of your ability. Do not show 100 photographs from a certain angle. Consider what types of photos will be included. Prove to the client you can diversify and handle any assignment they offer you. Every image should work toward the goal of expressing your eye and capabilities as an excellent photographer.

    4. Start strong, End strong

    Start your portfolio out strong, catch the clients eye. Keep this in mind with your last photo as well. This is where you want to place your standout photo, since it’s the last photo the client see. You want leave a lasting impression with the client so why not go for it. Also be sure and include a great photo the the middle of your portfolio so the client keep looking at all the photos.

    5. Make different formats available

    Some clients may prefer a CD, other may prefer a book. Have more than one format available. You might also consider building a website to show off your work. This will allow you to reach a wider audience.

    We hope these few tips will help you build a great portfolio.