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  • 5 Great Tips for Black and White Photos

    Posted on July 7th, 2010 Staff Writer

    Black and White photography is often seen as one of the most inspiring aspects of photography. Black and white photography have the disposition if making photos look more artistic. Black and white photography is an excellent way to train the eye to recognize what makes a striking composition. Thanks to great digital cameras and photo editing software, black and white photography is making a comeback.

    Use RAW

    If you have the opportunity to use RAW, just do it! This gives you more control of the image’s appearance. The drawback is that RAW files need to be processed later. By using RAW files your computer and not your camera will process the records and generate a picture from it. There are other ways to get great black and white photos if you do not have RAW on your camra.


    When you remove the color, your eyes become more sensitive to the light intensity. We naturally pick out areas of contrast — it’s how we distinguish one thing from another. As a black & white photographer, your main objective is to make your point with shades of gray. Use contrast to show your onlookers what’s important and what’s not.
    You can use contrast to help your main subject stand out  – for example by photographing a light subject against a dark background – and also to add depth by including a variety of tones and shades in your photo.


    Patterns are look better in black and white photographs as colors aren’t taking the attention from them. So if you want to take a photograph and like to emphasize on the patterns, then choose black and white tones instead of color. Many patterns, particularly subtle ones, often go unnoticed in color photos, because the colors draw attention away from the pattern itself.


    Textures can be lost in color photography just like patterns. When we photograph in black and white we pay more attention to elements such as texture, making them appear much more prominent.


    Light is the key to all great black and white photograph because it effects all of the elements. Consider your lighting when taking black and white photos. The right setup often produces the most dramatic shots.

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