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  • So You Want To Be a Photojournalist

    Posted on June 27th, 2012 Staff Writer

    Photojournalism is basically storytelling through your photographs; just like a regular journalist you must be able to get your story across with the photographs that you take. Photojournalism is simply communicating news to the public same as regular journalist would in the news media but with photographs. This will help tell the store and shape the public’s opinion of that certain event. In photojournalism the 5W + 1H rules apply. These rules are:

    • What?
    • Who?
    • Why?
    • Where?
    • When?
    • How?

    A photo that tells a story will stick out much more often than say a regular photo that does not. The photo should jump out to the audience so that they understand what is going on like they are actually in the event. The following is a list of what would qualify as criteria of photojournalism.

    • Newsworthy
    • Photos of people in their own habitats, not paid actors
    • Photos that tell a story or truth of a scene
    • Photo which can be edited digitally, for example brightness, contrast, and sharpening.

    Photojournalism can also be divided into several classes.

    • Feature News
    • Spot News
    • General News
    • Photo Essays

    A photojournalist must be able to visualize event through their camera and pass on those feelings to their audience. In the end it should be easy for the audience to understand and grasp the situation.