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  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Digital Camera
    How to Get the Most Out of Your Digital Camera 0.0 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

    Posted on April 28th, 2014 Staff Writer

    still digital camerasThe majority of still digital cameras are just point-and-click models — you just point them at the subject, click the shutter button, et voila — you’ve taken a nice picture. Although this simplicity can be extremely advantageous for those of us who are less artistically (or technologically) inclined, it can also be detrimental. Those who rely on the “auto” mode of their still digital cameras simply aren’t getting their money’s worth from their photographic investments.

    While it’s perfectly fine to use still digital cameras this way, it’s easy to learn how to take full advantage of all its different features. That being said, here are a few simple tips to help you do just that!

    Invest in a Tripod
    People investing in still digital cameras may as well invest in a tripod or monopod, too. You see, still digital cameras need more light than film cameras, which is why it takes about a second longer to take a picture–because the shutter stays open longer. If your hand shakes during that one second delay, you’ll blur the picture. Even just a small movement will lessen the quality of your photos. If you use a tripod or monopod, though, your pictures will never be as blurry again.

    Focus Before Taking a Picture
    No, don’t focus yourself — focus your camera. The majority of still digital cameras can be focused by pressing the shutter button down just halfway. This helps your camera define the subjects better, and will dramatically improve your photos. Plus, it reduces the amount of time it’ll take for it to shoot the actual picture.

    Use the Other Presets
    The still digital cameras’ manufacturer built those presets for a reason, you know. Take some time to get familiar with them, so that you know which one to turn on when the occasion calls for it. For example, you’d use the “action” setting if you want to take some pictures of your kids’ soccer game. If you want to take a picture of your kitty as it softly naps, try using the “portrait” setting. If you want to take a nice shot of the whole family, switch to the “landscape” setting.

    Even if you searched all of the digital camera stores you could find online for the most valuable deal, chances are you want to get the most out of your camera as you possibly can. Following these tips will not only help you do that, but also help you become a better photographer. If you have any questions about still digital cameras, feel free to ask in the comments.

  • Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar Night Wefie Breaks Social Media Records
    Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar Night Wefie Breaks Social Media Records 0.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.

    Posted on April 8th, 2014 Staff Writer

    still digital camerasOn March 3rd, 2.7 million Twitter users retweeted Ellen DeGeneres’s celebrity-packed group selfie, breaking Twitter records and temporarily causing interruptions and downtime on the popular social-sharing site. The group selfie, snapped at the Oscars and featuring stars Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and more, surpassed retweets of the most shared picture of Twitter up until that point — a picture of President Obama hugging Michelle Obama (tweeted along with the caption, “Four More Years”).

    Selfies and Wefies Take Instagram By Storm

    “The selfie is here to stay,” New York Daily News reports. “If an image features a person’s face it is 38 percent more likely to be liked and 32 percent more likely to attract comments. Perhaps surprisingly, it doesn’t matter whose face or how many of them are in shot.” DeGeneres’s tweet is taking a large part in the growing popularity of group selfies. Jimmy Kimmel tried to replicate the famous image by posing with a crowd and three of the Clintons, Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea. Since then, many others have been staging and posting “wefies” on Twitter and Instagram.

    What Else Is Out There?

    People are not flocking into digital camera stores and buying digital cameras just to take selfies, experts continue. Consumers are also using all sorts of digital cameras, including still digital cameras, to capture trips, good meals and bad meals, cooking expenditures, weight loss and/or fitness progress, and more. Food accounts, for example, take a variety of different angles. Users snap photos of healthy recipes, snacks, and food substitutions, or photographs of elegantly plated meals and desserts at restaurants. One of the latest crazes — according to The Daily Mail — is taking pictures of sad desk lunches. Users contribute to the account by sending pictures of meager, drab meals eaten alone at work.

    Social-sharing sites are revolutionizing the worlds of amateur and professional photography. DeGeneres’s record-breaking shot shows that digital cameras, including still digital cameras, are often utilized to snap selfies, or occasionally share meals, trips, and recipes with friends and family.