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  • 42nd Street Photo Weather Photography Tips

    Posted on October 10th, 2011 Staff Writer

    We all know the old saying about weather, ‘if you don’t like the weather then just wait 5 minutes’ so shooting a great photo during any kind of weather should not be a problem. We are definitely sure you will not get bored. We do have a few tips though we would like to share with you that should help as well as keep you safe.

    First, be prepared for anything. Changing lenses or adjusting settings in extreme weather like cold, rain, or even snow can be difficult if you are not prepared.  During the Fall and Winter seasons it’s a good idea to have waterproof clothing and to layer your clothing. The worst thing is not being able to feel your fingers and attempting to work with your camera.

    Second, you will need to take precautions to protect your camera and other gear. Try keeping your camera and batteries dry and warm. I would suggest a plastic bag to keep your camera in when not using it. The change in weather temperatures can cause the lens on your camera to fog up quickly and can be quite frustrating. Your batteries can also lose the charge if they get to cold so try and keep them as warm as possible when not in use.

    What are you shooting? Don’t e afraid to focus on small thing as well the big picture. Shoot things like tracks in the snow or water covered roads. Shoot the trees bending if there are high winds or the snow blowing across a busy street. Take a look at the big picture as well like the lightening in the sky or the cloud formations and the great landscapes during these times.

    Just have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment and be prepared for anything to happen.

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