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  • 42nd Street Photo’s Boating Photography Tips

    Posted on March 30th, 2010 Staff Writer

    Today we are going to talk about nautical photography or taking photos while on a boat. This can be any type of boat whether you are on a lake or in an ocean. Always keep the basics in mind that we have posted in our articles. Things like camera is accessible, camera is operational, lighting, focus, take plenty of photos, etc. With digital cameras being so affordable why not give it a shot.

    Well we hope you have a boat and if you do here are a few things to think about.

    Keep your horizon straight – Keep an eye on the horizon as you shoot, its easy to lose track of the way the boat is rolling.

    Shoot with fast shutter speeds – Due to the fact you are on a moving boat and you are shooting a moving boat this can cause blur and fuzziness in your photos. Turn up the shutter speed to 1/1000 or higher.

    Don’t shoot at mid-day – The best time for shooting is early morning and late afternoon. Overhead sun is harsh on boats and scenery.

    Look around alot – Keep looking around, you would be surprised what you just might come across that makes a good shot. A good trick to ensure a sharper shot is to track, or pan, the camera with the moving object, instead of trying to grab the action as it passes through the frame.

    Reflections – The sunlight that bounces from water can add a magical, reflective sparkle to the hull. Ask the captain or whoever is driving the boat to rotate the bow until it lights up.

    We hope this few tips help taking shots the next time you go boating.

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