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  • 42nd Street Photo’s Underwater Photography Tips

    Posted on July 18th, 2012 Staff Writer

    Now that you have perfected your skill with perhaps landscaping, weddings, sunrises and sunsets, it is time to get your feet wet.  Underwater photography can be such a magical experience that every photographer must try at least once in their lifetime.  Although it may appear tricky, it in act can be simple and easy to perform.  The following tips can help you along your underwater journey.

    1.  It is best to make sure you have the appropriate equipment that is designed for underwater photography.  It is best to research the depth that the camera can operate properly as well as other functions such as batteries, memory cards, and flashes.
    2. You don’t have to be an Olympic swimmer or scuba certified, but it is best to be prepared.
    3. Research various locations as well as marine life.  You want to focus on behavior of the marine animal as well as their natural state so that you are prepared of their actions.
    4. Once you are ready to dive into the water, make sure you are working with a fast shutter speed.  Recommended is the following: 1/30 for still object such as coral, 1/60 for slow moving objects, and 1/125 for faster moving objects like fish.  Adjusting your shutter speed can help with the sharpness of your images.
    5. Using the natural light of the sun is one way of capturing your images but it is recommended to do so at a depth of 20 feet or lower.
    6. Set your camera to the highest resolution and the lowest ISO
    7. For best composition it is best to shoot upwards rather than downwards.  Make sure the subjects eyes are focused as well.
    8. Like photographing on land, do not delete any photographs until you have returned to your computer.
    9. If possible and safely, get as close to your subject as you can.   Water can reduce the sharpness, contrast and color of an image, so try to be about 12 inches or shorter from your subject.
    10. Have fun!

    We hope these few tips help you with taking photographs underwater, if you are looking for a greatr buy on a camera please stop by

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