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  • Check Out the Surefire Z2L-BK LED Combat Light

    Posted on July 13th, 2010 Staff Writer

    Surefire Z2L-BK LED Combat Light

    The Z2 LED is a compact high-output flashlight featuring a CombatGrip body.It uses a virtually indestructible power-regulated LED and a precision micro-textured reflector to produce a smooth 120-lumen beam—six times the light of a big two-D-cell flashlight, and more than enough to temporarily blind and disorient an aggressor by impairing his night-adapted vision. Compact (pocket sized), high-intensity LED flashlight with an ergonomic CombatGrip™ that provides a secure grip in any weather and makes pairing the light with a handgun easier. The Z2 LED’s patented CombatGrip body improves performance with various flashlight/handgun techniques, such as the Rogers/SureFire technique, and provides a secure hold in wet or cold conditions or while wearing gloves.  Its high-output LED features a long runtime as well as being shock proof with no filament to burn out or break.

    *  Virtually indestructible, electronically regulated light emitting diode has no filament to burn out or break; lasts for thousands of hours
    * Precision reflector creates a smooth beam without dark spots or rings
    * Rugged aerospace-grade aluminum body, Type II anodized in glossy black
    * O-ring sealed; weatherproof
    * Coated Pyrex window protects LED and reflector while maximizing light transmission
    * Tailcap switch: press for momentary-on, twist for constant-on
    * Patented lockout tailcap prevents accidental activation
    * Lanyard included
    * Batteries included

    This the perfect sized Surefire light for all uses.

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