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  • Consumer Vs. Expert Reviews of Digital Cameras

    Posted on July 16th, 2008 Staff Writer

    Most will agree that it is a good idea to read up on reviews of a camera before shelling out the cash for it, but it may be wise to look into who is actually writing the review. While consumer reviews can be a great source of information about a product, since generally speaking, the purchasee has first hand experience using that particular model, often times, lack of information leads to a less-than-satisfactory opinion.

    Let’s look at a good example of this, the Nikon D300. Here is a digital camera from a well known and established company, with an impressive range of shutter speeds, high-resolution screen, a myriad of options for shooting conditions, built in flash, long-lasting battery and continuous shooting at 6/second. Now, suppose this is all our reviewer knows about the camera. Suppose they used it for a few days on a family vacation, encountered a number of features they didn’t necessarily understand, and therefore decided they did not get their money’s worth. They might jump on, or wherever is was that they happened to pick up the digital camera, write a poor review and return the camera, never knowing about its 12.3-megapixel self-cleaning DX-format CMOS sensor, HDMI port for outputting images to a high-definition screen or that it was “2007 Camera of the Year” on

    Purchasing a digital camera may seem like a simple task, however there are many things to consider beforehand. Perhaps there will be things that were not so obvious before, like what options there are for the flash, what ratio the screen is, how much it weighs, etc. These are the types of details that 42nd Street Photo would love to help you figure out. We don’t just want to sell you a digital camera, we want you to purchase the right digital camera for you. Trust us, we like satisfied customers.

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