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  • 42 Photo Suggests Four Artistic Choices for Printing From Your Inkjet Printer

    Posted on December 4th, 2008 Staff Writer

    We’ve talked before about how economic and easy printing your own photos can be, and how since the days of film are fading, digital technology has made it so simple to share your digitally captured images, but many of you may be missing out on a few options when it comes to printing your photos. Here are four creative choices for printing from your inkjet printer:

    1. Hahnemühle Bamboo – This environmentally friendly (or green) fiber has proven its worth for beautiful prints. It’s naturally rigid texture makes for a nice, heavy matte finish, and works especially well for photos that may be considered too stark on plain, bright, white paper.
    2. Moab Moenkopi Unryu 55 – This slightly translucent and textured paper adds a dimension to photographs that no Photoshop filter can. When it comes down to it, just as capturing an image is a manipulation of light, an additional, subtle manipulation via texture and translucency might be the perfect touch for any given photograph.
    3. Harman FB Mp Warmtone – This matte surface was made for Black and White images. The appearance of a freshly printed sheet has been compared to that of a freshly bathed film photograph, and lacks the bleeding that many other matte finishes might give you. The barium compound in the paper can be thanked for that.
    4. Innova FibaPrint – This paper has a glossy finish which more closely resembles that of a traditional film photograph than those other flimsy photo-finish gloss papers. For a genuine looking digital photograph, this is the way to go, since the gloss finish takes the ink surprisingly well.
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