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  • Tips on Photographing Public Monuments

    Posted on July 28th, 2010 Staff Writer

    The summer is in full swing and so is traveling to state parks, gardens, museums, monuments and public buildings. There is no doubt you will be carrying your camera along to get pictures of these wonderful places. It’s sometimes difficult though to convey the power and size of a public memorial in a photograph. Take the Lincoln Memorial or Washington Monument for example. People are always so shocked by the size of these monuments once they see them in person.

    The remarkably beautiful settings and the fine details of these monuments always makes them a good choice for photography. The best way to provide the viewer with an idea of the actual size is to focus on the fine details of these monuments. If taking photographs of a statue you might trying focusing in on the hands or face of the monument. This will allow the photo to be more dramatic. Try being directly under the memorial or close to it and take multiple shots. You might also focus on an object in the background that will allow comparison with the monument you are shooting. This will provide a scale of how enormous the monument actually is.

    Another way to take interesting images of monuments is to do so in unique lighting conditions. A park that floodlights its monuments like the Washington Monument makes for a challenging collection of subjects, but ones that are accented in ways that the sunlight cannot accomplish.

    Clearly the way to photograph monuments is to check them out in advance to ensure they are adequate subjects and then simply compose the photograph in a way that allows the viewer to see them in a slightly different fashion that allows them to feel like they are there.

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