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  • Are Drones The Future Of Photography?

    Posted on August 20th, 2014 Staff Writer

    still digital cameras Technology has come an incredibly long way since James Maxwell, a British physicist, snapped the first color photograph in 1861. Not only do we take more pictures in two minutes than humans everywhere did in the 1800s, we’re also doing it in increasingly creative — and sometimes even shocking — ways.

    Can Drones Take Pictures?
    The small robots essentially have stirred up some controversy, but there’s hardly any denying that some photographs, taken with a “a light camera and a quadcopter,” according to The Verge, are breath-taking. “Drones have allowed us to see things we normally wouldn’t have access to — taking us inside a fireworks display and the effort to combat looting in Jordan, for example, and allowing us to monitor wildlife from the sky,” National Geographic News explains. National Geographic recently closed a contest asking users to submit pictures taken with drones. What was the winning entry? The first place winner literally got up close and personal with an eagle, capturing an image of it from maybe two to three feet away. A growing number of brides and grooms are also paying for 30-minute drone photography sessions for memorable, one-of-a-kind wedding photos.

    Will Drones Replace Still Digital Cameras?
    The short answer is that it’s not likely. True, photography has progressed over the years. (The first photographs were actually printed on tin sheets, copper sheets, or even glass plates!) Even so, the best small digital cameras still afford some conveniences and perks that drones cannot. Wedding photography, for example, is vastly less complicated with a DSC digital camera or c mount digital camera. Using a traditional photographer typically requires just one person. Opting for drone photography will entail a team of workers — including at least one team member on the ground to position people in the picture, and another person remotely controlling the drone.

    Drone photography is cool and useful, but don’t count out still digital cameras and online digital camera stores just yet. Drones may be able to snap pictures from completely unique angles, but it is still something of a trial to actually do it.

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