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  • Put More Memories On Display With A Digital Photo Frame From 42nd Street Photo

    Posted on April 29th, 2009 Staff Writer

    Chances are, if you like to take pictures, you also like to show them off. It’s certainly not uncommon to have photos framed and on display around the house, and many familys preserve memories in this fashion. Consider how many framed photographs one might have around the house.  It’s a good bet that there are old and new pictures in these frames, but one thing that these frames can’t do is change out the picture without your help – or display a picture that you captured just moments ago.

    It might be that time of the millenium to look into a digital photo frame or two. If you’re a minimalist who isn’t very fond of cluttered tables and shelves, all you need is one digital frame, which can display numerous images you’ve captured with your digital camera. If you like the clutter, perhaps you can hang on to all those traditional framed photographs from when your children were young, but have a few digital frames that cycle through more recent image captures.

    Another feature some of the Internet savvy folks might be interested in is the ability to email pictures straight to the digital frame, which many do offer. Even without direct email-to-frame functions, it’s easy to plug the frame into your home computer and transfer the images. Many digital photo frames have a myriad of effects that can be applied to transitions, including the amount of time each image stays on the screen, the order in which to show them, what time of day the frame will be on (in the interest of saving energy), and more!

    Check out 42nd Street Photo to see what we have in the way of digital photoframes.