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  • 42nd Street Photo recommends the Nikon Coolpix P7000 10.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

    Posted on November 30th, 2010 Staff Writer

    Nikon Coolpix P7000If you’re a serious photographer looking for SLR-inspired creative control but in a smaller form, the P7000 is your kind of camera. The Nikon COOLPIX P7000 is a compact, high-performance digital camera offering superb image quality and precise imaging control. The Nikon P7000 is an entirely new design inside and out from its predecessor, the interesting but flawed P6000. Where this Nikon really shines is when you switch it over to manual mode for composing more advanced shots. You choose the aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, and focus settings to give your images the exact look you want. The P7000 puts those important controls at your fingertips.

    Sporting a 1/1.17-inch, 10.1-megapixel CCD image sensor that rolls back the MP rating from the P6000 (which used a 13.5-megapixel chip), the Nikon P7000 is aiming to improve image quality through a “less is more” approach. The Nikon Coolpix P7000 also boasts an optically stabilized 7.1x zoom lens with a focal length range equivalent to 28-200mm on a 35mm camera. The Coolpix P7000 features Nikon’s EXPEED C2 image processor, which allows an ISO sensitivity range of 100 to 6,400 equivalents at full resolution.

    Other Features

    • 7.1x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom-NIKKOR ED Glass Lens – Versatile 28-200mm lens ranges wide to capture landscapes, zooms in to get close to the action. In the NIKKOR tradition of precision optics, the high-quality ED glass lens delivers superb color and razor-sharp results.
    • 10.1-megapixel, large 1/1.7-inch CCD sensor for stunning images.
    • Optical VR Image Stabilization by lens shift minimizes the effects of camera shake.
    • Hybrid VR Image stabilization by lens shift and electronic VR.
    • Motion Detection automatically detects moving subjects and adjusts shutter speed and ISO to compensate for camera shake and subject movement.
    • High ISO up to 6400 at full resolution for optimum results when shooting in low light or photographing fast-moving subjects.
    • Nikons Best Shot Selector (BSS) automatically takes up to ten shots while the shutter is pressed, then selects and saves the sharpest image
    • EXPEED C2 continues to expand the possibilities of photography with improved levels of image quality, fine detail and processing speed. Custom-optimized for each COOLPIX model, Nikon’s renowned digital image processing engine ensures outstanding images
    • Dial controls for key functions including ISO, white balance, bracketing, exposure compensation and more
    • PSAM (Program, Shutter, Aperture, Manual) exposure control, custom function control.
    • ISO can be set as high as 6400 at full resolution; 12,800 in Low noise Night Mode (3-Megapixel).
    • Tone Level Information provides photographers with 9 levels of grey scale information about the scene for fine exposure analysis according to user’s creative needs.
    • In-camera editing functions include Exposure Compensation, COOLPIX Picture Control, Noise Reduction Filter, Quick Retouch, D-Lighting and Active D-Lighting.
    • Electronic Virtual Horizon Display enables precise leveling of the camera in landscape or portrait orientation during LCD monitor shooting.
    • COOLPIX Picture Control can be customized for Image Sharpening, Contrast, Saturation, Filter Effects, and Tone.
    • Ultra-fast start-up, autofocus and shooting.
    • Subject Tracking tracks a moving subject to ensure sharp focus.
    • Shoot Continuously up to 45 pictures at approx. 1.3 fps at full resolution.
    • Interval Timer Shooting captures images at specified time intervals
    • 3-inch Ultra-High Resolution (921,000-dot) Clear Color Display for still images and movies that come alive with rich detail and improved contrast. The large LCD’s wide viewing angle and anti-glare coating make it easy to compose, view and share pictures.
    • Large Optical viewfinder with diopter adjustment dial.
    • Remote control operation with optional wireless ML-L3.
    • Optional Wide Angle Converter (WC-E75A) for 21mm coverage (requires UR-E22 adapter ring)
    • HD (720p) Movie with Stereo, Mic Input Jack and HDMI Output Records at 24 fps with Zoom, Autofocus and stereo sound. Mic Input Jack allows for optional microphone to be used during recording and HDMI output allows easy in-camera playback or convenient playback on HD-TV or computer.
    • Smile Timer automatically releases the shutter when your subject smiles.
    • In-Camera Red-Eye Fix automatically corrects most instances of red-eye as you shoot. You may never see red-eye again.
    • Face-Priority AF. Nikon’s face-finding technology automatically detects up to 12 faces.
    • Skin Softening smoothes skin tones at three different levels for optimal portraits; can be applied while shooting or during playback.
    • Blink Warning alerts you if a subject has blinked.
    • Built-in Flash plus i-TTL Flash function when used with optional Nikon Speedlight System.
    • 18 Scene Modes, including Scene Auto Selector for optimized shooting in a variety of settings and situations.
    • Scene Auto Selector automatically recognizes the scene you’re shooting and selects the most appropriate scene mode; offers six scene modes plus auto.
    • Macro shooting as close as 0.8 inches.

    The Nikon Coolpix P7000 is a great compact digital camera. Users can take great pictures with this Nikon compact digital camera.

  • Grab the Nikon D3000 10.2 Megapixel Camera W/ 18-55mm VR Lens & 55-200mm VR

    Posted on June 24th, 2010 Staff Writer

    Nikon D3000

    The Nikon D3000 is a beginner-friendly digital SLR featuring a 10.2 megapixel DX-format sensor, 3.0 inch LCD, and Guide Modes for tips on making adjustments for a variety of shooting situations. Compact and capable, the D3000 is compatible with a broad range of world-famous Nikkor lenses and includes the versatile 3x, 18-55mm Zoom-Nikkor with Silent-Wave Motor auto-focusing and Nikon VR image stabilization to combat picture blur caused by camera shake for sharper hand-held pictures. The D3000’s split-second shutter response eliminates the annoyance of shutter lag. To further simplify picture-taking in special situations such as portraits, sports, landscapes, and more, the D3000 features icon-identified Scene Modes that deliver beautiful results automatically in otherwise complex situations. Additionally, the camera encloses Trim, Red-eye Correction, Soft Filter and many more functionalities that help you capture snaps in detail.

    Other Features:

    • 10.2-Megapixel DX-format Imaging Sensor – Delivers extraordinary image quality for breathtaking prints up to 20 x 30 inches.
    • Includes 3x 18-55mm Zoom-NIKKOR VR Image Stabilization Lens – Legendary NIKKOR optical quality and fast, accurate autofocus means vivid color, striking contrast and crisp detail, while VR image stabilization assures your sharpest pictures ever.
    • Nikon’s Smallest D-SLR
    • Split-second Shutter Response – Eliminates the frustration of shutter delay, capturing moments that other cameras miss.
    • Continuous Shooting up to 3 Frames-Per-Second – Capture fast action, precious moments and fleeting expressions confidently.
    • In-camera Image Editing – The Retouch Menu provides creative freedom, without the need for a computer, offering 13 easy editing functions, including Trim, Red-eye Correction and Soft Filter.
    • Nikon EXPEED Image Processing – Assures breathtakingly rich image quality, managing color, contrast, exposure, noise and speed.
    • Automatic Image Sensor Cleaning – Ultrasonic process and exclusive Airflow Control combats the accumulation of dust in front of the image sensor, safeguarding image quality shot after shot.
    • 11-point Autofocus – Fast and accurate autofocus delivers razor-sharp pictures.
    • Active D-Lighting – Restores picture-enhancing detail in shadows and highlights.

    The D3000 packs all the innovation and enhanced engineering into a light, compact body. Its leading-edge technology resides behind a user-friendly interface that makes it extraordinarily simple to take the kinds of photos you’ve always wanted to take.

  • 42nd Street Photo Loves the Nikon Coolpix P90

    Posted on June 4th, 2009 Staff Writer

    While the Nikon Coolpix P90 doesn’t have a lot to offer in the features and controls department, it more than makes up for it in the image processing department. In order to explain how well this DSLR camera captures images, we’ll use an analogy consisting of you and your doctor. Generally, when you go to your doctor’s office, you describe your symptoms and a medically licensed expert offers his or her diagnosis. It would be rather silly in this scenario to disagree and diagnose yourself in converse to a professional opinion, which is comparable to wanting more image capture options and features on a camera that already knows how to take a great picture in whatever conditions it faces. That is where the Nikon Coolpix P90 shines.

    With a nice feel but not a lot of weight to it, the best feature of the Nikon Coolpix P90just might be the price tag – and this isn’t one of those “it’s okay for the price” sort of cameras, it’s way better than it’s price tag. Super zoom is a feature that one normally is required to shell out big bucks for on most DSLR’s. Many top-of-the-line DSLR’s might struggle to capture clear pictures in bright and low light situations, but here at 42ndStreet Photo, we’ve found that the Coolpix P90 handles all light conditions extremely well.

    The LCD screen pivots, which is very nice for those akward angle shots. While it does take amazing pictures, potential buyers should know that this is not a camera for those just starting into the world of  photography. It’s relatively easy to use if you know what you’re doing, but an inexperienced user might find themself taking many uninspiring pictures if they don’t want to dedicate the time to learning how it works.

    All in all, the Nikon Coolpix P90 is a good camera for anyone who wants to take good pictures, but for those that crave lots of features, this may not be the camera for them.

  • 42nd Street Photo Recommends the Nikon D5000

    Posted on May 28th, 2009 Staff Writer

    When it comes to competing in the world of digital photography, Nikon has always held it’s own, but with the D5000 Nikon is surpassing expectations. The D5000 has been referred to as “the poor man’s D90 (made by Canon)”, but such a brief description, while accurate, doesn’t do much justice to the value of this diamond in the rough.

    Unorthodox is the keyword here, from the model number to the appearance of the D5000, but this is likely what amateur and financially sound professionals alike are looking for in a digital SLR camera.

    While it lacks the heft and solidity of many of it’s competitors’ digital cameras, the folks here and 42nd Street Photo have enjoyed the more compact size, lighter weight and ease of use. It doesn’t feel expensive, because it’s not (compared to the Canon D90), but this doesn’t mean the D5000 doesn’t take great pictures.

    First off, the display is as unorthodox as the rest of the camera – but this just places the D5000 in a class all it’s own. This camera is one of the few which boasts a fully articulate preview display screen, which means the user doesn’t have to take pictures only from behind the lens, but from the top, bottom, and sides as well. This could prove very handy for those tough “over-the-crowd” shots, or for getting low-to-the-ground image captures. As if the sharp display, vivid colors and unmatched brightness weren’t enough, Nikon has added it’s GUI to the 2.7″, multi-angle display. This makes the extra 0.3″ of the Canon D90 seem almost pointless, at the sacrifice of these other features.

    Compared to the Canon D90 (as it seems appropriate since these two models share so much in common), the Nikon D5000 takes strikingly similar pictures. The main difference we’ve noticed between the two is the saturation. While the D90 takes more vivid image captures, the D5000 captures the same amount of detail and clarity, which is most important. Since most photographers perform some manner of post-capture editing, a quick color correction is all it takes to bring the captures from the D5000 to perfection.

    All in all, the D5000 isn’t the best of the best, but at it’s low price tag, it’s the best money can buy. Generally speaking, what you pay for is what you get with a digital camera, but the D5000 throws in just a little extra where it really counts.

  • 42nd Street Photo Recommends The Nikon Coolpix S60 For The Casual Photographer

    Posted on February 19th, 2009 Staff Writer

    For a lot of people, photography isn’t so much a hobby as it is a daily part of their lifestyle. Everyone knows someone that carries their camera with them everywhere they go, whether to work, a family outing, or a night on the town with their friends. If you don’t know someone like this, chances are you’re that person, and this is the perfect camera for you!

    The Nikon Coolpix S60 is considered an ultra-compact digital camera, as it fits nicely into a pocket, or can act as a fancy, image-capturing bracelet around one’s wrist. It’s sleek and simple design may confuse users as to where all the settings are, since the only buttons on it’s body are the on/off button and the shutter to snap pictures. The 3.5 inch touch screen handles the rest.

    While the response on the S60 touch screen has been known to lag a little, this will probably go unnoticed by the casual photographer, for whom this Coolpix model was designed. However, even though it is a casual user’s digital camera, this does not mean that it is not packed with the features that larger compacts come with, like 5x zoom, 10 megapixel image-capture, optical image stabilization and a mini HDMI port for directly connecting the unit to an HDTV.

    The Nikon Coolpix S60 comes in six fashionable colors, so you’re bound to find one that fits your style.

    For more information on the complete line of Coolpix digital cameras, please visit

  • Nikon Reveals DSLR Camera with HD Video

    Posted on September 24th, 2008 Staff Writer

    Most digital cameras on the market now, including a lot of point and shoot cameras, are capable of capturing video. Most SLR cameras, however, do not have the same advantage over the point and shoot cameras in the way of video capture, as they do when it comes to capturing higher quality images. Nikon, however, has revealed a DSLR camera which can capture HD video.

    You may be asking yourself what the big deal is. Every day, digital gets better, and its uses extend further. A few years ago, it was not as common for the general population of digital camera owners to put together DVD’s, slideshows, or presentations featuring their family vacation, but with the advances in resolution, software, and overall ease of use, many more are getting into it.

    Sharing is the key word. How do you want to share your digital visual media? Bigger, better…higher resolution? Indeed. That is why the Nikon D90 is a big deal. It captures 1280x720p high-definition video with sound. Additionally, rather than focusing on higher mega pixel count (although at 12.3MP, most uses should not require any more), the D90 has borrowed the APS-Csized CMOS sensor from the higher-end D300, making it a significant improvement over and able replacement for the D80 in many ways.

    However, there are a few disadvantages to the D90 when it comes to video. The most noticable difference between the D90 and a similar quality (and definition) digital camcorder, is its frames-per-second rate. While DVC’s will generally give you 30fps, the D90 tops out at 24fps. Additionally, the sensor chip can overheat with extended use, and by extended use, we mean 5-25 minutes of constant video capturing. Basically, at the camera’s highest definition and quality settings, the user is limited to 5 minutes of recording time. At a more standard definition, between 640×480 and 800×600, the capture can last up to 25 minutes.

    The estimated price for this piece of equipment is set at around $1,000 for the body, or $1,300 to include a AF-S DX Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens, but we just wont know until it hits the market.

    For more information on Digital Cameras, please visit 42nd Street Photo at

  • Relive every moment with Nikon D3

    Posted on July 29th, 2008 Elliot

    The Nikon D3 takes the standard of photography to the next level with its versatile features. News, fast action, events, or landscape, it is the perfect camera. The Nikon D3 is all about high-definition, with an HD output port and an HD 3.0″ display. It has the EXPEED image-processing system to capture the accurate color with the finest details. The advanced autofocus makes any amateur photographer to shoot like a pro, as it precisely tracks your subject movement to deliver a crystal clear image. Shooting in day or night, you are sure to be amazed by the startling picture quality.  

    The camera is compatible with a wide array of lenses that allows you to choose one depending on your requirements. With 9 fps continuous shooting speed, capture all those incredible memories into your camera. Its shutter unit is made of the premium materials, so its durability and performance cannot be questioned. Users will never be deprived of storage space, as the camera has dual memory card slot. This amazing piece of technology is encased in a magnesium alloy body with sealed buttons to assure reliable performance in any condition. The picture control setting saves your time, as you can optimize the image before capturing. The Nikon D3, a complete camera for both hobbyists and professionals, is now available at 42nd street photo.

  • Nikon D80 for every aspiring photographer

    Posted on July 28th, 2008 Elliot

    Nikon D80 is a great choice to all photographic enthusiasts out there. This user-friendly and easy-to-handle camera is bundled with features that amazed me the moment I tried it. With its instant start-up and immediate response, I didn’t have the chance of missing out fast moving subjects. Shooting at night is not a problem anymore with the Nikon N80. The camera features i-TTL flash control that calculates flash exposure to provide better automatic flash balance. An effective replacement for Nikon D70, this camera meets the demands of the photographic pro with its continuous shooting at up to 3 frames per second.   

    The in-camera editing option allows me to optimize the image as per my preference. This system helps in unleashing my creative side. The other fact that amuses me is its high-efficiency power system. It proves to be very useful while planning an outdoor shoot. After every single recharge, the camera can be used to take up to 2,700 images. Composing and viewing of images is made easy with the 2.5″ LCD color monitor with 170-degree, wide-angle viewing. Check for more information on the Nikon D80 Digital SLR Camera at 42nd Street Photo.

  • Nikon D700 – Discover a New Territory

    Posted on July 23rd, 2008 Elliot

    My long search for a high-end camera at a comparatively low price ended with the Nikon D700. This affordable camera is also less in weight when compared to its D3 predecessors. More than just a new camera, it is equipped with rule breaking features that establish new benchmarks in digital image quality, speed, and unmatchable ISO performance. I simply love my camera for the stunning picture results it produces. It combines Nikon 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and EXPEED digital image processing to produce high-quality results.

    Agile design and comprehensively built body of this Nikon camera withstands moisture, dust and even electromagnetic waves. I have never forgotten to take this piece of technology, whenever I plan my outdoor shoot. The enhanced autofocus feature gives me an opportunity to freeze those right moments as it happens.

    One of the additional features that impressed me was the camera’s scene recognition system. It has the ability to convert any aim and click shot into a master piece by automatically setting optimum exposure and white balance level. Now I can display my vision to the world through the eyes of Nikon D700 now available at 42nd street photo. It is surely a great possession for any photographer.

  • A Bonus to Photographers – Nikon D300

    Posted on July 22nd, 2008 Elliot

    I tried out the third-generation product of Nikon’s successful semi-pro series – The Nikon D300 12.3 Megapixel Digital Camera. When I saw the images on the generous 3-inch LCD screen, the clarity was such that I had never seen anything like it before in a digital capture.  Totally flexible and responsive, the Nikon D300 shoots any subject with great precision and unmatched quality.

    Equipped with intelligent Scene Recognition System that offers a faster and more accurate autofocus, it brings subjects into sharp focus and captures them flawlessly. No matter what the lighting condition is, the D300 controls the light intensity and exposure compensation to give you sharper images. You can adjust and customize individual parameters to click like a pro.

    Consumers can rely on the integrated dust reduction system to remove the dust settling on the 12.3-megapixel DX- format CMOS image sensor. Comprehensive and sturdy design allows you to explore limitless creative possibilities even in rough weather conditions. The Nikon 300 was awarded the “Camera of the Year 2007” by the Editors of Popular Photography & Imaging. The Nikon D300 also received the prestigious TIPA Award in Best DSLR Expert category in 2008. I recommend this camera to digital photographers, who expect fine and detailed images. The Nikon D300 is in stock at 42nd Street Photo.

  • Consumer Vs. Expert Reviews of Digital Cameras

    Posted on July 16th, 2008 Staff Writer

    Most will agree that it is a good idea to read up on reviews of a camera before shelling out the cash for it, but it may be wise to look into who is actually writing the review. While consumer reviews can be a great source of information about a product, since generally speaking, the purchasee has first hand experience using that particular model, often times, lack of information leads to a less-than-satisfactory opinion.

    Let’s look at a good example of this, the Nikon D300. Here is a digital camera from a well known and established company, with an impressive range of shutter speeds, high-resolution screen, a myriad of options for shooting conditions, built in flash, long-lasting battery and continuous shooting at 6/second. Now, suppose this is all our reviewer knows about the camera. Suppose they used it for a few days on a family vacation, encountered a number of features they didn’t necessarily understand, and therefore decided they did not get their money’s worth. They might jump on, or wherever is was that they happened to pick up the digital camera, write a poor review and return the camera, never knowing about its 12.3-megapixel self-cleaning DX-format CMOS sensor, HDMI port for outputting images to a high-definition screen or that it was “2007 Camera of the Year” on

    Purchasing a digital camera may seem like a simple task, however there are many things to consider beforehand. Perhaps there will be things that were not so obvious before, like what options there are for the flash, what ratio the screen is, how much it weighs, etc. These are the types of details that 42nd Street Photo would love to help you figure out. We don’t just want to sell you a digital camera, we want you to purchase the right digital camera for you. Trust us, we like satisfied customers.