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  • Olympus E-3 Kicks it Up a Notch at 42nd Street Photo

    Posted on December 1st, 2008 Staff Writer

    A lot of people were worried about Olympus until earlier this year. To make a long story short, each consecutive model released by the company was not the best upgrade when compared to the heavy-hitters such as Canon and Nikon. Needless to say, the Olympus E-3 DSLR was going to make or break the future of the company.

    Here at 42nd Street Photo, we take digital photogrpahy seriously, which is why we offer great deals on top-of-the-line digital cameras and camcorders (along with many other digital audio and video products), so carrying the Olympus E-3 is not only a service to our customers in terms of offering fine equipment, but also a service to ourselves as a 40-year experienced digital camera store that takes pride in the products we offer to our customers.

    While Olympus has always been recognized for the fine quality of glass in their lenses, a great lense wont take a good picture if the rest of the parts aren’t up to par. This is why it is important that the E-3 stepped up the sensor quality, megapixel count, focus speed, etc. A digital camera works a lot like the human eye in the sense that one less-than-optimal part can cause a problem with the picture it sees – or captures.