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  • 42nd Street Photo’s Tips For Photography In The Rain

    Posted on September 30th, 2009 Staff Writer

    When the weather turns to rain most people lose their interest in photography. Yet rain provides some of the best conditions to explore your creative side. Photographing people in the rain creates an interesting photo opportunity. It will allow you to create some of the most interesting pictures. People of different ages all act differently when it rains which is a very important aspect of photography.

    Take time to shoot pictures before the rain, during the rain, and after the rain. All of these times will give you great opportunities. You can shoot the sky when it’s fully covered in dark clouds. Storm clouds often create impressive back grounds for exciting images. You can shoot a long road that looks like it meets the storm clouds in the distance.

    During the rain you can shoot people and animals that are usually seeking shelter or have found shelter. People running for shelter or even playing in the rain also make great shots.

    After the rain is an exceptional time because you have different patterns, reflections, and textures that were formed by the rain. Patterns can vary from droplets of water on leaves to a spider web. Reflections can also be amazing to shoot where water is still accumulated on the ground usually giving great reflections of the sky. The reflections become mirrors of your subject.

    Take safety precautions when shooting in the rain. Carry waterproof gloves, jackets, and pants. Take great care of your camera as rain drops can easily spoil your camera. Any accessories you carry for your photo shoot should be water proof. We hope this helps you in your experience in rain photography.