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  • Are Digital Single Lense Reflex Cameras Really Worth the Money?

    Posted on September 15th, 2008 Staff Writer

    The short answer? Yes, Absolutely. Here’s why.

    1. Point-and-shoot cameras offer very limited capture options. While sufficient for family photos in which one can stand still, smile, and say cheese, DSLR cameras offer far more in the way of quality, stability, and capture options. In addition to greater optical zoom and a higher quality sensor chip, there is no delay with a DSLR camera. What you see when you snap is what you get.
    2. DSLR cameras are made of higher quality parts. Period. Digital photography, no matter what the brand or model, is image capture technology at its best. However, the DSLR camera is digital image capture technology at its very best. Since point-and-shoot digital cameras are made for casual use, the megapixels only go so high, which means sensor chips need not be of superior quality, nor does the point-and-shoot lense need to reach a high level of optical zoom.
    3. Interchangable lenses. DSLR cameras have them, point-and-shoot cameras do not. While many might view the option to buy extra lenses as an unnecessary expense, anyone from the ambitious amateur photographer to the professional can appreciate the value of a telephoto-lense or a micro-lense. The likelihood of snapping the exact image you want is only as high as your options are many. With more lense choices, manual settings options, and a better sensor and resolution, investing in a DSLR is the best way to give you the advantage over the elements.

    There are many more reasons to invest in a digital single lense reflex camera, but we thought these were the most important to most photographers. For more information on digital single lense reflex cameras, please visit the 42nd Street Photo website at or visit our store, located at 378 5th Avenue (between 35th and 36th St.) New York, NY 10018.