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  • 42nd Street Photo Recommends the Nikon D5000

    Posted on May 28th, 2009 Staff Writer

    When it comes to competing in the world of digital photography, Nikon has always held it’s own, but with the D5000 Nikon is surpassing expectations. The D5000 has been referred to as “the poor man’s D90 (made by Canon)”, but such a brief description, while accurate, doesn’t do much justice to the value of this diamond in the rough.

    Unorthodox is the keyword here, from the model number to the appearance of the D5000, but this is likely what amateur and financially sound professionals alike are looking for in a digital SLR camera.

    While it lacks the heft and solidity of many of it’s competitors’ digital cameras, the folks here and 42nd Street Photo have enjoyed the more compact size, lighter weight and ease of use. It doesn’t feel expensive, because it’s not (compared to the Canon D90), but this doesn’t mean the D5000 doesn’t take great pictures.

    First off, the display is as unorthodox as the rest of the camera – but this just places the D5000 in a class all it’s own. This camera is one of the few which boasts a fully articulate preview display screen, which means the user doesn’t have to take pictures only from behind the lens, but from the top, bottom, and sides as well. This could prove very handy for those tough “over-the-crowd” shots, or for getting low-to-the-ground image captures. As if the sharp display, vivid colors and unmatched brightness weren’t enough, Nikon has added it’s GUI to the 2.7″, multi-angle display. This makes the extra 0.3″ of the Canon D90 seem almost pointless, at the sacrifice of these other features.

    Compared to the Canon D90 (as it seems appropriate since these two models share so much in common), the Nikon D5000 takes strikingly similar pictures. The main difference we’ve noticed between the two is the saturation. While the D90 takes more vivid image captures, the D5000 captures the same amount of detail and clarity, which is most important. Since most photographers perform some manner of post-capture editing, a quick color correction is all it takes to bring the captures from the D5000 to perfection.

    All in all, the D5000 isn’t the best of the best, but at it’s low price tag, it’s the best money can buy. Generally speaking, what you pay for is what you get with a digital camera, but the D5000 throws in just a little extra where it really counts.

  • Canon EOS-5D – A Full-frame Digital SLR for Pros

    Posted on July 27th, 2008 Elliot

    If you frequently take off on photography expeditions, I suggest that you go for the Canon EOS-5D, which is claimed to be one of the smallest and lightest full-framed digital SLR cameras.

    Every time I use it, it gives me clear, sharp, and resplendent images. Accommodating a good pixel count, it freezes your precious moments into top-notch, high-resolution images. With the EOS 5D’s solid features, high-end technologies, and a full-size 12.8 MP image sensor, shooting is always fast and flexible.

    With exceptional reproduction quality, cropping flexibility, and superior output capabilities, I can translate my vision into images perfectly. DSLRs allow swapping lenses and so does the Canon EOS-5D (supports all Canon EOS lenses, except EF-S series) – a boon for photographers who have to switch lenses depending on the job at hand. I also enjoy maximum control over my camera’s settings with the Canon EOS-5D 12.8 Megapixel Digital Camera. Significantly reduced power consumption of the camera helps to extend the battery life so that you do not have to worry about the battery dying out on you while shooting outdoors. The commendable “Picture Style” function takes care of everything required to deliver an exact replica of the original.

    The advanced magnesium alloy provides a rugged weather-resistant exterior in order to withstand the rigors of the elements and rough handling. Get detailed information about the Canon EOS-4D from 42nd Street Photo.

  • Canon EOS-40D: Canon’s ‘prosumer’ digital SLR

    Posted on July 22nd, 2008 Elliot

    Canon digital cameras have always been a benchmark for excellent design, user friendly menu, and high-end technologies. For critical photographers who tend to scrutinize each camera for good functionalities, the EOS-40D from Canon is the answer. Once I acquainted myself with the technologically innovative Canon EOS-40D Digital SLR Camera, I was impressed with its upgraded, creative features, and performance. It delivers exceptional image quality with brilliant colors through the 10.1-megapixel APS-C-sized CMOS sensor and the newly developed DIGIC III image processor. 

    You will love the dedicated AF Start (AF-ON) button, which lets you execute autofocus option with your thumb. The rugged and versatile camera helps during low-light conditions by preserving even the subtle photographic details.

    This camera can shoot up to 6.5 frames per second, and it is the perfect device to capture any fast action. A durable magnesium alloy body with weatherproof design makes the EOS-40D ideal for outdoor photography.

    The EOS-40D has an edge over its predecessor, Canon EOS 30D due to its higher speed. The Canon EOS-40D gives you the same 10-megapixel resolution as the Rebel XTi but if you are into sports and wildlife photography the former would be a better choice in terms of its durability, faster user interface, better viewfinder, and so on. Find out more about the camera from 42nd Street Photo.